Georgetown's go-to place for quality used books, some new ones, and cards & gifts is gone

We were located at 118 Mill Street, Georgetown, Ontario


As of October 16, 2020 White Rabbit Books is closed permanently. Certain aspects of our 10-year odyssey are sure to live on for quite a while in our hearts and minds. Thanks to our customers for making it possible and enjoyable. To the people who helped out in paid and unpaid ways we are forever in your debt. The expressions of appreciation from customers have always meant a lot to us.
We've still got a few books for sale @ Visit our Facebook page if you like.
We also sell books, collectibles and hand-sewn creations by Marilyn Joyce of Echo.tas at Hamilton Antique Mall .
You gotta go there to booth S7 to buy that stuff.
We have downsized the IT Department with a generous departure package. Our big wonderful database is no longer being maintained.